Wicked Redemption (Dark book 2) by Ashton Blackthorne

5 Stars

By Krystal Amora

Mr. Blackthorne has done it again.  This next installment in the Dark series is sensational.  With each new book we are sucked deeper into the complex relationships of our characters we have grown to love since the Insatiable series.  Even though we are still reading about Ash and Amber the addition of Ayden has added a dark element to the series that drags us to the seedier side of society of drugs, prostitution and deplorable living conditions.

Mr. Blackthorne’s (yes it has been hard to write reviews when our main character and author share the same name) writing style is very unique.  With each book we are privileged enough to read from this author we get another piece of the puzzle.  Each of the characters have a spot in each installment but the focus is on one of the characters while the others play in the back story.  In Wicked Redemption we are dragged into Ayden’s story.

We learn about his terrible upbringing with a drug addict and prostitute for a mother.  Ayden learned at a young age you need to do what you have to in order to survive.  Ash and Ayden couldn’t be any more opposite of each other.  Ash as we know is a well- respected, successful, panty melting gorgeous and rich.  Whereas Ayden is handsome drug addict who has been dealt a crappy hand in life.

As we watch this story unfold the depth of lies and deceit continues to grow.  Ash is finding out about his father’s past.  A past that you would not expect for a successful business man and one that has been well hidden.

Amber on the other hand is trying to cope with her own demons. There is something hidden deep within her that has started to affect her physically and emotionally.  We learn what is hidden and how Amber is dealing with it and then………………we are left hanging in Ashton Blackthorne fashion. ARGH!!!!

I never thought I would be happy reading an author that leaves me with a cliff hanger at the end of his books.  Mr. Blackthorne has been able to keep this reader fulfilled with each installment and just when the book is wrapping up we are moved to the next logical moment in the story line.  Then we are left to wonder how it will play out.  You could say his books are like a mini-series on TV where we get through one situation only to see a snippet of the next situation before the show ends for the night.    Frankly I have not read any author’s books that have come close to this type of writing style.  Mr. Blackthorne is truly unique.

I highly recommend not only this book but all of Ashton Blackthorne’s work!



Fragile: The Everett Gaming Series Book 1 by Drew Sera

5 Star

By Krystal Amora

This is the first book I have read from Drew Sera and I must say I’m very impressed.  This book is very intimate and detailed in the places, events and actions of the main characters Anthony, Colin and Sydney.  I personally have not read a book that has such a seamless integration between BDSM D/s relationship and day to day life.

As readers use to reading about successful and rich men who are dominant in the bedroom, work and are not always nice and down to earth. Not the case with Anthony Graves and Colin Everett.   Colin is the CEO and founder of Everett Gaming and Anthony is the CFO (Chef Financial Officer).  These men are successful, dominate, rich and down to earth.  Who would of thought that combination existed (even in our book worlds). Sydney is a receptionist for Everett Gaming and has been given the nickname of “fragile kitten” from our sexy CEO and CFO.

Sydney is a quiet woman who tries to stay out of the spot light and make herself as small as possible.  She is into the submissive side of the BDSM world and has been playing with a dark, sadistic Dom who isn’t very nice.  I don’t want to give too much away here because to me this is the heart of the story.

This is a journey in discovering what you didn’t know you needed.  Colin is a trainer and Master in the BDSM world.  He takes pride in providing proper instruction along ensuring his own needs for domination are met. He has mentored several couples and new subs.  Anthony is also a dominate and Master. He is a very closed off individual with a past he doesn’t discuss.  We do not get to see much of his past, at least not in this installment.

What these two alpha males find when they learn Sydney’s secret they will do everything in their power to ensure her safety and care for her.  Sydney is filling some voids in these men’s lives while she is discovering some of her own.

The first book in the series has laid out the ground work for what I can only hope is a phenomenal series that will get better with each book. There are many chapters in this book, 70 to be exact.  Don’t be worried not all of the chapters are lengthy and the book flows very well.  I will warn you….once you get started you will be sucked into their world and will not want to come out until the end.

I highly recommend this book and looking forward to reading the other books in the series to see how this trio progress.  I’m holding on tight and ready to take the plunge into book 2.




Twisted (Dark Book 1) by Ashton Blackthorne

5 Stars

by Krystal Amora

Wow!!! What a wild ride.  If you are familiar with Ashton’s writing you know the panty melting scenes you will get to read. After reading the Insatiable Series I didn’t know what to expect.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the return of Ash and Amber and we even more surprised this book is darker than his others.

This is a great read and provided a more detailed account of Amber’s life and what she has been through in her life.  She has a family back in Chicago that she is estranged from and doesn’t really care to see them.  She decides to be the bigger person and go to visit her younger sister and her father.  We find out Amber was almost raped when she was 18 years old by a family friend.  This is a twisted turn of events that caught this reader off guard.

Amber as we learn had a long-time boyfriend that was into the Dom/sub relationship that morphed into Daddy/lg over time.  The relationship didn’t end up where she was hoping and…..yep not going to give much away here.

Even though the series is new I personally believe this series picks up where Insatiable ended.  There are some scenes that go back in time but Ash has created his new company and Veronica is long gone.  I was very excited to get some of my questions and was pleasantly surprised with what I read.

As we know Ash’s mother leaves him when he was just a young boy and he has carried that hurt for a long time.  During his father’s funeral, she reappears and turns his world upside down.  Based on what he hears his goes back to his childhood home in search of evidence that what she said is true.  What he finds shocks and angers him. Things just progress from there.

As much as I would like to say this book ends as a HEA it does and doesn’t.  There are still many question left unanswered in this book and has left me eager to read the next book in this series.  The complexity of the characters had this reader trying to keep all the past and present events straight.  The scenes with Adyen Donovan were intense while Ash practiced his dark side in a club where safe words are honored.

If you are looking for a dark, twisted, hot as hell book that will be a series then this book is for you.


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Shattered (Insatiable Book 2) by Ashton Blackthorne

5 Stars

By Krystal Amora

Not sure what I can say about this second installment in the insatiable series.  Like book 1 this is a quick read that had this reader eager to get started. The title is fitting for this book and as I got to the end it was hard to read with a whirlwind of emotions that this read wasn’t prepared for.

This installment picks up where book 1 leaves off with Ash meeting with Veronica on the sale of the Vitalife shares.

As I traveled through these pages I have to tell you that I was surprised to see the chemistry between Ash and Veronica.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching these two reconnect and watch Ash change into a man we would all want.  He is powerful and commanding in his business dealings and in the bedroom.  Who wouldn’t want to be tied up by Ash?

I don’t want to go any further in my review because by the time I got to the end of this book I was ready to throttle Veronica and was shaking my head as to why?  It has been a while since I had such dislike for a character.

So far, the Ashton has painted a fantasy for this reader that had me on edge and fanning myself the entire time.  As this book ended however, I found myself completely depressed and left me with more questions that are going unanswered.  I have enjoyed this series so far and I can only hope the ache I feel for Ash gets fixed.



Broken (Insatiable Book 1) by Ashton Blackthorne

5 stars

By Krystal Amora

The is the debut book by Mr. Blackthorne. The is a short story centered around Ashton Lin Blackthorne rich, sexy investment banker who can have any women he wants.

This story had me from the first few pages with the panty melting, fanning yourself sex that happens in an elevator.  We get to glimpse into what make Ash who he is.  There are emotional issues with finding his mother cheating on Ash’s father and ultimately leaving him at an early age.   He believes that he can’t love for fear of being cheated on.

Most of this story happens in the past with many pages dedicated to learning about the one long term relationship Ash had in his past with Veronica. We get a glimpse into his dark fetishes and needs. His need to control has sheltered him from feeling love.  What happens when Veronica pushes to have a future with Ash?

I enjoyed reading this book however when I got to the end I almost through my kindle against the wall and quickly went out to see if book 2 is available.  Luckily book 2 is out and I can read right now.  If you are looking for a quick read to get your blood pumping and your panties wet this is the series for you.  Ash is everything we want in a man and only wish we can find.  I know I know.  Keep dreaming……this is why I read.



Deeper, Daddy (Daddy Caleb Series Book 3) by Kayar Chance

5 stars

By Krystal Amora

Unequivocally I love this series and book 3 is not an exception.  The complexity of the relationship between Caleb and Penny is exciting, sexy, loving, and crazy.  True to Kayar’s writing style he paints a world for his readers that leaves you sated but wanting more.

This installment picks up where the book 2 leaves off but from the very beginning there is an event that sets the pace for the story.  We learn more about Caleb in this book then in the previous ones and it left me wondering WTF.  Obviously, I’m not going to tell you the event but the bad guys are still after Penny and they must get to safety. Why are they still after her?  Excellent question. I have my personal views on this and we learn a little bit more as we get further in this book.

This journey is about dealing with the past and trying to figure out what the future holds.  There is a twist her that I never saw coming.  Caleb has a past that is hidden from everyone and naturally Penny is not an exception to this.  The love between these two is growing by each book and Caleb’s possessiveness is staggering.  He is also dishing out very sever punishments that left this seasoned read cringing.

Penny is also on a journey in this book and learns more about herself.  She also gets to meet some of Daddy’s friends and their significant others.  This section of the book had me laughing so hard that I had to get the tissues because these partners are very unique and make Penny seem mild.  During this meeting, she learns she isn’t so different.  She gets to experience the true meeting of protection and love like she hasn’t known in her life.

To date this book is my favorite so far in this series.  It is full of panty melting scenes but shows a side of Caleb we haven’t seen before along with learning he truly has a dark sinister side.  He will go to any length to keep her safe, at all cost.

As with all Kayar’s book this one ends in a good place but without question it has left me begging for more.  The epilogue has me wanting additional pages so I know what is going to happen next and hoping for the best.  If you are fan of Kayar’s book the it will be necessary to add this one to your collection.




Finding Heart: Colorado Veterans book 2 by Tiffani Lynn

5 Stars

By Krystal Amora

Another great piece of writing by Tiffani Lynn that is full of emotion and heart.  The prologue had me in tears and left me wondering if I needed to keep a Kleenex box next to me for the duration.  I absolutely feel in love with book 1 in this series and was eagerly awaiting this installment.

As much as I loved reading this book and enjoyed the story I didn’t feel the same connection to Dex and Marina as I did to Judson and Quincy.  Not sure I explain fully but basically it boiled down to I felt this story is geared more to Marina than Dex which means I don’t have the emotional connection this time.  Don’t get me wrong this is a solid story and I enjoyed every page.  Actually glad that I didn’t cry the entire book this time and have a heavy check throughout.

I really don’t want to get into many details because there are many aspects of my review that would potentially provide spoilers to potential readers.  What I will say is Dex and Mariana have known each other since they were teenagers and their paths just happen to cross one day.  After that it is one thing after another and I just wanted to slap them both “Gibbs” style.

There were many time while reading that I could see the writing on the wall as to what was going to happen but in the next chapter I got surprised with a twist I didn’t see coming.  The book flows well and keeps you engage the entire time and left this reader eager for another installment of this phenomenal series.




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