Wicked Redemption (Dark book 2) by Ashton Blackthorne

5 Stars

By Krystal Amora

Mr. Blackthorne has done it again.  This next installment in the Dark series is sensational.  With each new book we are sucked deeper into the complex relationships of our characters we have grown to love since the Insatiable series.  Even though we are still reading about Ash and Amber the addition of Ayden has added a dark element to the series that drags us to the seedier side of society of drugs, prostitution and deplorable living conditions.

Mr. Blackthorne’s (yes it has been hard to write reviews when our main character and author share the same name) writing style is very unique.  With each book we are privileged enough to read from this author we get another piece of the puzzle.  Each of the characters have a spot in each installment but the focus is on one of the characters while the others play in the back story.  In Wicked Redemption we are dragged into Ayden’s story.

We learn about his terrible upbringing with a drug addict and prostitute for a mother.  Ayden learned at a young age you need to do what you have to in order to survive.  Ash and Ayden couldn’t be any more opposite of each other.  Ash as we know is a well- respected, successful, panty melting gorgeous and rich.  Whereas Ayden is handsome drug addict who has been dealt a crappy hand in life.

As we watch this story unfold the depth of lies and deceit continues to grow.  Ash is finding out about his father’s past.  A past that you would not expect for a successful business man and one that has been well hidden.

Amber on the other hand is trying to cope with her own demons. There is something hidden deep within her that has started to affect her physically and emotionally.  We learn what is hidden and how Amber is dealing with it and then………………we are left hanging in Ashton Blackthorne fashion. ARGH!!!!

I never thought I would be happy reading an author that leaves me with a cliff hanger at the end of his books.  Mr. Blackthorne has been able to keep this reader fulfilled with each installment and just when the book is wrapping up we are moved to the next logical moment in the story line.  Then we are left to wonder how it will play out.  You could say his books are like a mini-series on TV where we get through one situation only to see a snippet of the next situation before the show ends for the night.    Frankly I have not read any author’s books that have come close to this type of writing style.  Mr. Blackthorne is truly unique.

I highly recommend not only this book but all of Ashton Blackthorne’s work!




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