Fragile: The Everett Gaming Series Book 1 by Drew Sera

5 Star

By Krystal Amora

This is the first book I have read from Drew Sera and I must say I’m very impressed.  This book is very intimate and detailed in the places, events and actions of the main characters Anthony, Colin and Sydney.  I personally have not read a book that has such a seamless integration between BDSM D/s relationship and day to day life.

As readers use to reading about successful and rich men who are dominant in the bedroom, work and are not always nice and down to earth. Not the case with Anthony Graves and Colin Everett.   Colin is the CEO and founder of Everett Gaming and Anthony is the CFO (Chef Financial Officer).  These men are successful, dominate, rich and down to earth.  Who would of thought that combination existed (even in our book worlds). Sydney is a receptionist for Everett Gaming and has been given the nickname of “fragile kitten” from our sexy CEO and CFO.

Sydney is a quiet woman who tries to stay out of the spot light and make herself as small as possible.  She is into the submissive side of the BDSM world and has been playing with a dark, sadistic Dom who isn’t very nice.  I don’t want to give too much away here because to me this is the heart of the story.

This is a journey in discovering what you didn’t know you needed.  Colin is a trainer and Master in the BDSM world.  He takes pride in providing proper instruction along ensuring his own needs for domination are met. He has mentored several couples and new subs.  Anthony is also a dominate and Master. He is a very closed off individual with a past he doesn’t discuss.  We do not get to see much of his past, at least not in this installment.

What these two alpha males find when they learn Sydney’s secret they will do everything in their power to ensure her safety and care for her.  Sydney is filling some voids in these men’s lives while she is discovering some of her own.

The first book in the series has laid out the ground work for what I can only hope is a phenomenal series that will get better with each book. There are many chapters in this book, 70 to be exact.  Don’t be worried not all of the chapters are lengthy and the book flows very well.  I will warn you….once you get started you will be sucked into their world and will not want to come out until the end.

I highly recommend this book and looking forward to reading the other books in the series to see how this trio progress.  I’m holding on tight and ready to take the plunge into book 2.





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