Shattered (Insatiable Book 2) by Ashton Blackthorne

5 Stars

By Krystal Amora

Not sure what I can say about this second installment in the insatiable series.  Like book 1 this is a quick read that had this reader eager to get started. The title is fitting for this book and as I got to the end it was hard to read with a whirlwind of emotions that this read wasn’t prepared for.

This installment picks up where book 1 leaves off with Ash meeting with Veronica on the sale of the Vitalife shares.

As I traveled through these pages I have to tell you that I was surprised to see the chemistry between Ash and Veronica.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching these two reconnect and watch Ash change into a man we would all want.  He is powerful and commanding in his business dealings and in the bedroom.  Who wouldn’t want to be tied up by Ash?

I don’t want to go any further in my review because by the time I got to the end of this book I was ready to throttle Veronica and was shaking my head as to why?  It has been a while since I had such dislike for a character.

So far, the Ashton has painted a fantasy for this reader that had me on edge and fanning myself the entire time.  As this book ended however, I found myself completely depressed and left me with more questions that are going unanswered.  I have enjoyed this series so far and I can only hope the ache I feel for Ash gets fixed.




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