Broken (Insatiable Book 1) by Ashton Blackthorne

5 stars

By Krystal Amora

The is the debut book by Mr. Blackthorne. The is a short story centered around Ashton Lin Blackthorne rich, sexy investment banker who can have any women he wants.

This story had me from the first few pages with the panty melting, fanning yourself sex that happens in an elevator.  We get to glimpse into what make Ash who he is.  There are emotional issues with finding his mother cheating on Ash’s father and ultimately leaving him at an early age.   He believes that he can’t love for fear of being cheated on.

Most of this story happens in the past with many pages dedicated to learning about the one long term relationship Ash had in his past with Veronica. We get a glimpse into his dark fetishes and needs. His need to control has sheltered him from feeling love.  What happens when Veronica pushes to have a future with Ash?

I enjoyed reading this book however when I got to the end I almost through my kindle against the wall and quickly went out to see if book 2 is available.  Luckily book 2 is out and I can read right now.  If you are looking for a quick read to get your blood pumping and your panties wet this is the series for you.  Ash is everything we want in a man and only wish we can find.  I know I know.  Keep dreaming……this is why I read.




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