Deeper, Daddy (Daddy Caleb Series Book 3) by Kayar Chance

5 stars

By Krystal Amora

Unequivocally I love this series and book 3 is not an exception.  The complexity of the relationship between Caleb and Penny is exciting, sexy, loving, and crazy.  True to Kayar’s writing style he paints a world for his readers that leaves you sated but wanting more.

This installment picks up where the book 2 leaves off but from the very beginning there is an event that sets the pace for the story.  We learn more about Caleb in this book then in the previous ones and it left me wondering WTF.  Obviously, I’m not going to tell you the event but the bad guys are still after Penny and they must get to safety. Why are they still after her?  Excellent question. I have my personal views on this and we learn a little bit more as we get further in this book.

This journey is about dealing with the past and trying to figure out what the future holds.  There is a twist her that I never saw coming.  Caleb has a past that is hidden from everyone and naturally Penny is not an exception to this.  The love between these two is growing by each book and Caleb’s possessiveness is staggering.  He is also dishing out very sever punishments that left this seasoned read cringing.

Penny is also on a journey in this book and learns more about herself.  She also gets to meet some of Daddy’s friends and their significant others.  This section of the book had me laughing so hard that I had to get the tissues because these partners are very unique and make Penny seem mild.  During this meeting, she learns she isn’t so different.  She gets to experience the true meeting of protection and love like she hasn’t known in her life.

To date this book is my favorite so far in this series.  It is full of panty melting scenes but shows a side of Caleb we haven’t seen before along with learning he truly has a dark sinister side.  He will go to any length to keep her safe, at all cost.

As with all Kayar’s book this one ends in a good place but without question it has left me begging for more.  The epilogue has me wanting additional pages so I know what is going to happen next and hoping for the best.  If you are fan of Kayar’s book the it will be necessary to add this one to your collection.





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