Day 31 by Kane Caldwell

5 stars

by Krystal Amora

Another great book by Kane. This book is such a good read that I finished it in one sitting.  It has been a while since I was eager enough to read for an entire day.

We get to meet Callen, 38-year-old, IT guy who was a manager for a successful company.  He is currently a patient in a mental institution after he tried to commit suicide after the death of his wife.  He has demons that he needs to exorcise in order to be able to function in society.   He has been put into a new program at Mountain Bay health care facility called the Visiting Program which is ran by Dr. Meyer.  The goal is to help the patient prepare to get back into the routing of everyday life.

Now we meet Noelle Anderson, who is Callen’s visitor for the program.  She is a 22-year-old daughter of a pastor and is very innocent (has not given up her V card).  We get the sense that she did not randomly pick this program to help people as she has stated to Callen.  As the story progresses we get to learn about her family life and her dislike for her father.

As we move through the story we can see things progress rapidly with Noelle and Callen with the lingering feeling something isn’t right.  The intrigue around why Callen is so distressed and why Noelle is there in the first place.  Is there a connection between these two?  What secrets are they both hiding and will they be able to overcome them?

I don’t want to get into anymore of the story line because I don’t want to spoil it.  There is a lot of intrigue around Callen’s wife death and the life she was leading.

Mr. Caldwell has painted a portrait of a broken man that was not able to handle the death of his wife and the proverbial good girl.  The complexity and difficult subject matter we have grown to love in Kane’s characters had this reader on the edge of her seat trying to figure out where the story was going.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a good solid read.


Kane Caldwell



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