The Sleeping Serpent by Luna Saint Claire

5 stars by Krystal Amora

For the first time I’m not sure I can provide an adequate review for this mind blowing book.  The amount of details about Yoga, Native American culture and Spiritual healing was remarkable and provided the perfect backdrop to see how a narcissistic ego of our main character Nico would function in a society today.  We tend to believe and trust people that have a perceived position of power which causes us to not think clearly and make bad decisions.

Throughout this book keeping track of all of the smart, talented and successful women Nico was with was difficult at best.  I kept thinking how can you be so naïve to think he is only with you and loves you.  The pattern of behavior had me scratching my head the entire time.  Then I learned about cording (fascinating by the way) and what the impact is on an individual.  The pull is extremely difficult to deny and hard to escape.

I will admit the topic is way over my head when it comes to healers and yoga but this book keeps me engaged anyway.  The intensity of this book is like nothing I have experienced to date.  I can only speculate that yoga has a dark seedy side that can persuade people to go against their better judgment with what I can describe as magic and potions.  Luna was a main character throughout the book and I got a sense she was able to keep Nico calm most of the time.  She was the only one who didn’t have a physical relationship with Nico and was able to keep the clearest head on her shoulders.  Her saving grace also was she was married.   I have my own theories on why but I won’t put that in my review.

Here is what I can say.  Nico was able to find women he thought could further his dreams of fame and fortune.  When they were slow or didn’t follow thru (his perception) then you got to see another side of him.  The he got into a downhill spiral that he was not able to recover from.  I can only imagine what it would be like to be with a person who can change on a dime and be soft, sweet, attentive and provide so much pleasure to only turn around and become uncontrollable.

If you are looking for psychological thriller, then this is for you.  I will caution you if you are looking for HEA this is not going to fill that need.





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