The Knocked Up Plan by Lauren Blakely

5 Stars

By Krystal Amora

Lauren has delivered another bundle of joy for her readers.  The Knocked Up Plan is a fun read that left this reader with a warm heart and a need to have a tissue box handy.  This is not a sappy chick flick kind of book but there are moments when I just couldn’t help feeling sad for Nicole.  I must also tell you I spent much of the time laughing.  There were also moments when you wanted to smack them upside the head and say WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!

This is the first book that I have shared the plot to and read some of the lines out loud to my husband.  I would be sitting there chuckling and he would ask what was so funny and I would read the passage.  Let me tell you he just looked at me with a confused look on his face and didn’t even crack a smile.  He has no clue why I continue to read these books (shhhh being male and all he doesn’t understand the NEED to read).

We get to meet Nicole when she is going to tell her friends she has decided to have a child.  It is the one thing she wants more than anything and she is going to do it on her own.  She works for Hanky Panky Love (hahaha love this name), the dating division of media company.  She writes a column and has a radio show on giving advice to women about sex and dating.

Ryder Lockhart works for the same company any Nicole and they have been friends for the year he has worked there.  Ryder does the same thing as Nicole only for men.  He was married but is not divorced.  His ex-wife had many affairs and was a sex addict.  We get to learn how he found out and what went through his head during that time.  Ryder is the type of man we all wish we can find.  He takes his vows seriously so he felt very betrayed when he found out about her cheating.  Divorce was his only option.

Nicole believe she is broken because she has not found love and believes she isn’t capable of feeling that way for a man.  Ryder doesn’t want to put his heart on the line again because he doesn’t want to get hurt.  What happens when these two decide to work together to reach a common goal?  You are going to have to read to find out.

As a reader you almost dread picking up a romance book because they are all the same—find love; loose love; make up.  Not in Lauren books.  Her writing style is fun and flow seamlessly.  It is fun to read text conversations between the characters; get to read what is going on in the character’s head or read their top 5 lists to decide how to proceed next.  A lot of time the characters are on the same page and don’t even know it.  The complexity of the story line seems to flow naturally through the pages and keeps the reader interested.


Lauren Blakely



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