Faolan’s Mark (The Spirit Weaver Series Volume 1) By Megan Smith

5 Stars

By Krystal Amora

I have no idea where to start with this review.  This is hands down the most complex story I have ever read and it is a long journey.

The story starts with Emilie leaving the Academy of Setrall and heading home to see her mother.  On her way in the carriage they stop for the night in Garthal.  During this stop Emilie is told that she will not be going home and will be staying there with Jeddlin.  He quickly puts her in a cell for the night to keep her from running away.  That night there is an attack on the old jail where she is being held.

Fearing someone will kill her she hides under the bed in her cell. Someone opens the door and steps in.  After the man looks around he leaves her cell, not seeing her.  She waits for a while and then sneaks out into the town.  As she is trying to escape she comes across some pirates that chase her.  This is where she meets the assassin Wolf.

Wolf is a member of the Assissins Guild.  He has been hired to kill Jeddlin, or so we think.   Wolf is very secretive and seems to be a loaner in the world. Basically he is paid to kill people.  We learn that he usually picks his jobs and tries to only kill bad men.

Emilie convinces the assassin to take her home safely.  This is where the adventure begins.  The complexity of the main characters along with the all of the people they meet. This story has many twist turns with magic, mage, vampires that cross 5 kingdoms, kings, priest and noblemen.  There appears to be a tangled web of lies and deceit between the characters and it takes some concentration to keep the story straight.

On their adventure Emilie learns she is a mage and so is her mother both of which are being tracked for their powers.  Along their journey they meet Rayden (High priest mage), Lucan, Necoss, Dallan, Lylla (Emilie’s mother), Zoran, Kearn.  This group is all traveling to get the stone and key that will help them reseal Harisma an island that is said to be the home of the devil.

As we move through the story we learn bits and pieces concerning the prophecy and why should fulfill it.  To me we don’t get the entire story but it is a good start.  The ending of this book is fitting but definitely needing to finish the story.  I didn’t get a good sense that I can figure out what is going on with all of the players and has me intrigue to read the next installment.  This book reminds me of a kind of Lord of the Rings type journey where there are different story lines at play.

If you like a journey with many characters that all have their own stories, secrets and lies then this book is for you.  I only hope there is another installment to put me out of my misery of wondering what happens next.






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