Do as Daddy Says by Haley Monroe

5 star

By Krystal Amora

Another fun read from Haley.  This book takes us on another date with Richard and Brynn.  I would not call these short stories a series we are getting to watch the relationship grow between these 2 characters.

This time we get more of a glimpse of what their regular life could potentially be like, Brynn is just getting off work when Richard sends a text to meet him at the mall.  This is where their date night adventure begins.  Richard is taking Brynn to the carnival.  First though she needs a new outfit. The detail description of what goes on one of the mall stores had this reader laughing and fanning myself.

Before you get too worried about the carnival I should tell you that this is not a carnival in the normal sense this one is called the Carnival of Kink.  I’m not saying anything more than that.  This adventure gets the juices flowing for anyone who reads.

Haley has a way of making the readers be in the story and showing how beautiful a DD/LG relationship is and the trust that is needed to make it successful and lasting.  Although it is just a fantasy there is a need in all of us to want a loving, protected relationship like the ones she writes about.

These are short novellas that are fun to read.


Haley Monroe




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