Seducing the Devil (The Hawthorne Witches Book 2) by Savannah Hill

5 stars

By Krystal Amora

HOT!!!!!! There is no doubt about the chemistry between Haley and Damian.  What a great continuation of book 1 Paramour for the Devil.  Haley and Damian are as hot as ever in this installment of The Hawthorne Witches series.   I wasn’t sure what to expect I can’t fine enough good words to explain this book it was a fantastic read.

After all of the turmoil Haley goes through with her uncle Eli in book 1 this next book should be their HEA right?  Not so much at least not in the sense I was thinking. Damian is happier then he has ever been and Haley is finally feeling more like herself.  The couple are attending a fashion auction when they are attached by demons and dragged back to hell.

Not surprisingly they end up in Raden’s bedroom where they are fighting off multiple demons. Haley is fighting with the enchanted knife given to her by Damian and she plunges it into Raden’s groin.  Feeling good about her attach Raden turns the table and plunges her knife into her chest.  Damian is on the other side of the room witnessing the events unfold as he fights.  Haley falls to the ground and dies in Damian’s arms. Could not believe this just happened.  I have to tell you I was extremely sad and pissed off at the same time.  How can you kill of Haley so early in the book!!!!!!!!!

In a desperate attempt to save her life Damian goes to his father, Lucifer, to beg him to help.  You can just about imagine the deal he had to strike with the devil himself to save her.  The deal is Damian must never join Adversus and he must take his rightful place on the throne.  Damian agrees.  They are thrust back in time before Damian joins the Adversus and Haley is still being held captive by Raden.

I hesitate to take this review any further into the book because there is so much that happens here that I feel will give away the story.  The question ran through my head while reading.  How can there be a story if they have been cast apart and they have no memory of their time together?  Is it possible to keep true love alive even when separated?  Why do they call Haley the Queen Witch?  Will the get their HEA?

Not all of my question got answered and the story takes another twist later on which had my head spinning.  This book is darker than the first one and the chemistry between Haley and Damian is hotter than ever.  The scenes are panty melting and will cause you to scrim in your seat.

I recommend this series for anyone who thoroughly enjoys reading dark, twisted, erotic books.



Savannah Hill Romance





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