Surrendered Control (The Control Series Book 1) by Anna Edwards

5 Star

By Krystal Amora

This is the first book I have read from Anna and it was a refreshing change.  In the typical books that I read you start out with some girl who runs into some guy; boy gets girl.  By the middle of the book something happens and boy loses girl.  By the end boy has girl again HEA.  NOT IN THIS SERIES!!!!!YES!!!!!

It was a refreshing read where the couple work through their insecurities and try to keep the relationship moving.  Amy is a young woman whose parents were killed in an accident and is being taken care off by her uncle.  We meet Amy when she is on vacation where she meets James.  There is instant chemistry between these two and the night they have together is electric. Amy is a dancer in her uncle’s club but is naïve in what goes on there.

Meet James successful dominant man who owns his own development company.  He is intrigued with Amy and has his body guard Matthew find her and learn everything about her.  One night James decides to pay the club a visit and hire Amy for the night.  This is where the story starts to get interesting and fast which by the way is in the first few chapters.

Amy learns about her uncle’s real business during this encounter with James at the club and he takes her away to his home.  It is difficult to continue with any details on their relationship without giving away the twists and turns which make this story flow.  There are secrets about his past James is hiding and hopes they will not destroy his chances with Amy.  While Amy is trying to deal with the business she didn’t know her uncle was into.

The million-dollar question is do they end with a HEA?  Excellent question and the answer is yes and no. Hahaha you will just need to read to find out why that is.  What I will tell you is the book sets up nicely for the second book which I was eagerly needing to read.

If you are looking for a romance that has a dominant and a sub component; isn’t typical romance; kidnapping, murder and gives you both HEA and not so much, then this twisted romance book is for you.

I highly recommend this series.





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