Divided Control (The Control Series Book 2) by Anna Edwards

5 Star

By Krystal Amora

Next book in The Control Series picks up 6 months after book 1.  Let me just say that I was extremely sad after book 1 and was eager to see where this went in book 2.  I was not disappointed.

Amy has turned the strip club into a dance studio to teach her students and she has not reconciled with James yet.  As you can imagine I was really unhappy they split.

Slowly James is able to get back into Amy’s life when there is a catastrophe at the dance studio and there is water everywhere which will cause a fortune to fix.  Amy calls on James to help.

James in the meantime has been struggling with the demons from his past and wonders if it is for the best they are not together.  As the story progresses Sophie, James sister, is getting married and has asked Amy to be a bridesmaid.  In book one we learn that James’ father has come back into his life and has complicated the mix.

This book is similar to book 1 where you don’t go through the same rise and fall of the characters.  There are several of those points in Anna’s book which caused this reader to be on the edge of her seat just waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Will they stay together, will there be trust again?  Wow so much going on. Oh and let’s throw in a trip to Las Vegas the city of sin.

While in Vegas she learns that dominate/sub is a life style for the family and the body guards.  What will Amy think of that?  Does she submit?  Do they get married and stay together?  Do they split forever?  Will the family be whole with James’ father?  So many question and none of them are going to be answered in this review. There would not be any fun for a reader if I were to spill the beans.

The writing style Anna has will keep you turning the pages to see what twists happen next.  At the same time, I will tell you the story flow easily and can definitely be true life scenario.  This book has the same excitement as book 1 and has kidnapping, murder, twisted morals and unexpected beginnings for a dark past.

You will not be disappointed in the second book of this series and highly recommend you to read.




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