Family Ties (Flesh and Blood Trilogy book 2) by Christina Morgan

5 Stars

By Krystal Amora

I eagerly started this installment of the Flesh and Blood Trilogy and finished the book in 1 day.  This book did not disappoint and was better than book 1.

Libby is cleared of murdering her husband Ryan and is free to start a new life in North Carolina as a Private Investigator.  She decided to go see her father Randy in prison and is ready to take on his case to prove his innocence. The book takes off from there and with every turn of the page the mystery unravels and get more complex.

Libby starts her investigation with the defense attorney so she can get case file and go through it with a fine-tooth comb.  She formulates her plan to interview any witnesses to get to the bottom of the murders one way of another.  The deeper Libby digs the more intrigue is found.

I would really love to continue with a synopsis of this installment however there comes a point in the investigation that leads to a dark family secret that started when her father was a senior in high school.  This secret is the key to proving her father is innocent of the murders of 9 prostitutes.  This secret changes everything including Libby’s perspective of her father and she is more determined then ever to prove his innocence.

I’m a huge fan of criminal drama so this series is so much fun for me to read.  As a matter of fact, as I’m writing my review I have Law and Order on the tv.  This has been a staple in my weekend for many years so reading this book had me on the edge of my seat with every page.

I highly recommend this series!





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