Brother’s Keeper (Flesh and Blood Trilogy book 3) by Christina Morgan

5 star

by Krystal Amora

Excitement and sadness is what I’m feeling while reading and finishing this trilogy.  As I stated in my previous review of book 2 I was eagerly awaiting reading this installment.  There was so much anticipation of how this would all playout and this book doesn’t disappoint.  The sadness comes in that this is over now and there will not be any other books about Libby and her family.

I have grown to love the way Libby is able to look at a situation and think through all the possible outcomes and deduce the best possible solution.  This book opens with Libby deciding Brian, her step-brother, could not possible be the I-75 killer because he was incarcerated at the time some of the murders took place so he couldn’t be the killer.

As we learned in book 2 Annie Larson is Brian’s mother and she met Randy in high school.  They had met up at a party where Randy got drunk and caused Annie to get pregnant.  As most high schoolers are he gave into peer pressure and humiliated Annie at lunch.  After that day, Annie left school never to be seen again. We learn what happens to her and her unborn child when Libby finds her parents.

So where does this leave us?  With a big mess.  Detective Sebastian Webster has fallen in love with Libby and is set to ensure she stays safe and helping her to free her father.  Again, with this book it is difficult to keep going and not give anything away.  There is so much that happens in this book murder, intrigue, love, happiness, and a psychotic murderer.  Who could be at the murderer?  You are just going to have to read to find out.

Christina has written a trilogy that has left this reader satisfied the story is complete.  I do however find myself wondering how Libby gets past all the terrible circumstances she finds herself in over the last months.  We know from earlier that she is not able to have children but will she move on and be happy.  We get a glimpse at the end but I personally still wonder.

This is a fitting end to the series and I come back to the criminal drama’s I love to watch if you are a fan of Criminal Minds, Law and Order or any other drama television show this is a series you will absolutely love and will satisfy the most inquisitive investigator that lives in all of us.  The complexity of the situations and resolution to the problems presented has this reader thankful to have read this series.





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