Like Father Like Daughter by Christina Morgan

5 stars

By Krystal Amora

When starting this book by Christina I didn’t know what to expect and it didn’t disappoint. This first book in the Flesh & Blood Trilogy was intriguing which kept me engaged in the book.  I would classify this as a criminal drama along the lines of Law and Order a TV show I watch often.

The opening scene is Elizabeth, “Libby” Carter, waking up, disoriented and covered in her husband’s blood.  As she is starts to focus she realizes Ryan, her husband, has been shot in the head and is dead. Dazed she call the police. The lead detective immediately points the finger at Libby and arrests her.

Libby is a paralegal working for a large law firm that specializes in criminal defense.  When she was younger her father was accused of murdering 9 prostitutes.  Due to taking a plea deal he is now serving 9 consecutive life sentences in Federal Prison.

The remainder of this fabulous book chronicles her journey through this ordeal.  I have to say I found an admiration for Libby as she decides to use her paralegal background and find the answers that will acquit or prove her guilt.  What happens?  Excellent question you will just need to read and find out what secrets she uncovers.

If you are looking for a good criminal drama that will have your mind thinking two steps ahead this is the book for you. The plot thickens with every turn of the page and with the circumstantial evidence piling up will Libby spend the rest of her life in prison or end up on death row.  Will Libby be like her father?

The ending of this book was a fitting primer for book 2.  I am eagerly looking forward to reading all three books.


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