First Contact (Heroes of Olympus Book 1) by April Zyon

5 Stars

By Krystal Amora

This is an interesting book to read.  I have been a fan of Greek Mythology since I was in grade school so this book was a fun to read. It mixes Greek Gods with the strongest men possible, Navy SEAL and Army Rangers.  From the first chapter I was drawn in and eager to see what is going to happen and why this collaboration is necessary.

We meet Mikhail Rossov and Gareth Gruffyd just as they are finishing a mission with their team and are looking forward to 3 weeks of leave.  They are interrupted by 4 heavily armed MP’s requesting their attendance in the admiral’s office.  They are being told they have been picked for specialized training with Ares, God of War.  What possibly can be coming that requires this elite military team to train with Greek Gods?

Meet Camilla Berry, Kindergarten school teacher getting ready for winter break at school.  As she is walking out to her car at school she is being stocked by weres (werewolves) who are looking for her. We learn there are also vampires in this as well Okay well why are they looking for her?  Just as they were about to attach Camilla Gareth swoops in and saves her while Mikhail (sniper) kills the attackers.

I bet I have your attention now.  April has brought together paranormal, humans and Greek gods all in on unique story while weaving in the love story of our main characters.  You get a sense that this is similar to fated mates we read about in shifter books.  The mix was intriguing and felt natural to read while swooning over Mikhail and Gareth.  Getting to the end of this book didn’t take me long, since I loved reading it, but it left me with many questions.  There is an HEA for Camilla and her hunky lovers however, the last pages leave you wanting more!!!!


Barnes and Nobel

April Zyon



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