Temptation’s Inferno (Inferno Book2) by Kat Mizera

5 star

By Krystal Amora

This is the second book in the Inferno series and NOTE to readers DO NOT READ THIS BOOK ON YOUR LUNCH BREAK at work.  I was just getting started into the book and the first scene was f**king hot! It was long day at work after that.

It has been a long time since I read a book that caused me to react this way but I’m here to tell you this book is fantastic.  There is a full range of emotions, passion, confusion, family, and the love that is felt on every page.  There is a complexity to this book that is difficult to explain in words because the feelings this book evoke were powerful and  it felt like you are going through this ordeal with the characters. Kat has been able to express these feelings through her exceptional writing style.  The emotions were raw and very life like.

This book will not be for everyone the subject matter touches on a subject that is still not widely accepted in many social circles.  However, the story has a good pace with the sequence of events flow perfectly.  As I read I tend to think of the scenarios that can derail the new relationships that are forming on the books pages.  In this case, my scenarios were incorrect and took on a dark turn that caught me off guard.  Looking back after reading the book there isn’t any other way the story can play out and be this fabulous.

We meet Jamie Teller on the day he finds out he is being traded to Ottawa and will be leaving the Sidewinders organization.  In book 1 he had asked to be traded so Becca would not be humiliated after the sex scandal with him and Dante.  You can just feel how unhappy he is and wish you could just give him a big hug and tell him it’s going to be okay.

Then there is Viggo Sjoberg teammate on the Sidewinders, Jamie’s roommate, and Emilie’s husband.  He has a mean presence on the ice but is a big teddy bear at heart.  Since he was 17 he knew he was bi-sexual and is comfortable with his lifestyle choice.

This story starts out with the threesome between Emilie, Viggo and Jamie that leads to a relationship most people do not understand or accept.   Jamie is trying to come to grips with the revelation that he had sex with a man. This is just the tip of the ice berg to the complexity of this book.  To go any further into an explanation would give away the turn of event that made this book exceptional.

Once again, I can’t stress enough the emotional response I had to reading this book.  The subject matter is difficult to read because of how heinous the crime is that happens.   If you are looking for a book that will having you laughing, crying, wanting to commit murder, and wiggling in your chair then this book is for you.

Highly recommend this book and series.  I am eagerly awaiting the next installment.


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