Joy Ride by Lauren Blakely

5 stars

By Krystal Amora

There are not enough descriptive words to express my love of this book.  I am a classic car girl (not as much as Henley) who loves the thrill of the hunt when restoring a classic car.  What happens when you put together a ruggedly handsome car guy with a fiery tiger who has the need to make it in a man’s world?  You get four stroke internal combustion!!!

That’s right this book is full of sexual innuendos, as only Lauren can provide, that are all car related and let me clue you in, being able to shift Max’s joystick was top on my list.

Meet Henley Rose Marlowe, aka Tiger.  She is a fiery sparkplug trying to make her way in a car world predominantly male dominated world (aren’t we all ladies).  She is intelligent, independent, goes above and beyond to ensure her customers are getting everything they want. Her need to be treated like one of the guys is a theme we here throughout this book.  She doesn’t want special treatment and wants to make her own stamp in the car world.

Now for Max Summers, top car builder in New York.  Built to handle the toughest cars while being able to deliver the best fuel injections, stick shifts and combustion known to any woman, oops I mean customer. He is the owner of his own shop and fights to stay on top……..

Henley was Max’s apprentice 5 years ago when she shows up at a car show where she runs into Max.  These two have explosive chemistry from the moment they met.  The sexual banter back and forth had this reader needing to keep her fan on high to keep from overheating.  Honestly if I could reach into the pages I would have b**ch slapped them both.  They spent more time trying keep their emotions in check and not getting involved.

Anyway, I’m not going to give anymore away.  Hot cars, sexy as sin man and one fiery brunette is what you are going to get in this book.  This is a love story through and through. I highly recommend this book it was fun, witty with some secrets.  There isn’t a lot of drama which was refreshing and allowed me to just read and enjoy.  I didn’t need my brain to work through all the scenarios.

PLEASE READ!!!! This is one of my favorites.


Barnes and Noble

Lauren Blakely website


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