Review of The Detective’s Lover

The Detective’s Lover by Aliyah Burke*

4 Stars

Review by Tracie R.

The Detective’s Lover is a compelling read. Aliyah Burke has given us a great balance of romance and suspense never losing one to enhance the other.

Ian Cavanaugh is a homicide detective but when a crime occurs and it is those he works closest with that have all the secrets he will need to evaluate who he can trust.

Fallon Maddox is a marine but in her home town she is a foster kid with a last name known to the law for all the wrong reasons.

When a death brings Ian and Fallon together it is more than their determination to find the truth that sparks. But Fallon won’t let her feelings get in the way and as the danger grows so does her fear for a future. Can Ian and Fallon find the murderer before more people are killed and will Fallon let down her guard and take a chance on forever with Ian.

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Detective's Lover


*We were gifted a free copy for an HONEST review


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